Items for Purchase

Become a Preventative Pal

Purchase Price:  $ 25.00
Total Remaining:  198

Your donation of $25 helps HSAC provide flea/tick prevention medications to shelter dog and cats.


Become a Spay/Neuter Supporter

Purchase Price:  $ 50.00
Total Remaining:  100

Your $50 donation helps HSAC provide spay/neuter surgeries for dogs and cats at the shelter and in the community.


Become an Enrichment Ally

Purchase Price:  $ 100.00
Total Remaining:  50

Your $100 donation to HSAC provides a variety of physical and mental stimulation to the animals. Enrichment activities make life more fun! Your gift will help keep dogs and cats engaged, happy, and healthy until they go home with adopters.


Become a Pet Care Partner

Purchase Price:  $ 250.00
Total Remaining:  20

Your $250 donation helps provide vaccinations, microchips, and treatment for homeless dogs and cats.


Become a Housing Hero

Purchase Price:  $ 500.00
Total Remaining:  10

Your $500 donation helps HSAC purchase kennels and other equipment for safely housing dogs and cats until they go home with adopters.



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